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We love preserving all types of flowers and will strive to create the most magical piece fit to your personality and style. To give you a first class type of service, we only take on a certain number of clients every month. So booking your reservation far in advance is highly recommended! Remember, the cost to book your reservation will go towards your final cost of floral preservation. To make this process easier, we made some simple steps.

  1. When placing your reservation order, please first check my availability to make sure there is an opening, leave a comment in the notes with your wedding day so I can put you in my calendar. To view my availability click here https://sweetmeadowshop.com/availability
  2. Browse our pricing sheet for the beautiful pieces we can create for you. In an email, you will receive instructions on how to safely package your bouquet for preservation. This is very important as the condition of the bouquet will influence the final stages of the resin process. **** We highly recommend that the bouquet gets shipped overnight, and received no later than 2-3 days after the event in which the florals were used.
  3. I also accept local orders, and actually encourage this! I am based in Austin, TX and welcome floral drop-offs and will gladly pick-up florals in a 30 mile radius for a $50 charge.
  4.  The week before we are supposed to receive the florals, we will send you an order form and instructions so that we can begin preserving your flowers as soon as we receive them.
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Important details

  • Our process of floral preservation will take between 6-12 weeks. This includes 2-3 weeks of drying time in the silica, and the rest includes designing a layout and casting the dried florals in resin. Your reservation will come with 2 design options for the main centerpieces. We want to ensure the highest quality possible, and to do this takes time.
  • I also accept flowers that have already been naturally dried. This will look different since the vibrancy of flowers will not be as bright because it has faded, but it will still be beautiful!
  • During the drying process, it is normal for the flowers and greenery to have changed colors in the process. Different flowers and their colors dry differently. I cannot guarantee the color of the flowers after the drying process. Please take a look at my gallery to see the before and after of flowers for a good example.
  • It is common for bubbles to remain in resin after curing. While we try to get out as many as we can, some bubbles might still appear in your piece and is a natural part of the resin process. The smaller the piece, such as our smaller accessories,  the more bubbles will appear. 
  • You are responsible for all shipping costs of the bouquet, once preserved I will ship back for free.
  • Booking a reservation is non-refundable.
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Floral Reservation