Right before your wedding, we will send you an order sheet and detailed instructions on how to ship your bouquet. There's are many tips and tricks on how to ensure your bouquet arrives to us safe. This means that any bride in the U.S can ship me their bouquet to be preserved.

Yes! We actually encourage this. I love getting local brides. This saves money on shipping the bouquet to me, and it allows me to ensure the highest care of the bouquet. Plus I always love meeting my clients. I do charge a small fee outside of a 30 mile radius to pick-up but you are welcome to drop off to me at anytime.

Bouquet preservation is a long and tedious process that takes time and dedication. Your flowers hangout in silica for a couple week and after they are dried flowers slowly get casted in high quality resin. This is the process that takes the most time as we don't want to rush anything. From the time we receive your bouquet the entire process will take between 6-12 weeks.

While bouquet preservation can be an expensive investment, I wanted to make sure this option is accessible to all. That is why I do not charge a minimum. Which means you are able to send me your bouquet and choose the cheapest item to be preserved. I do charge an additional fee for drying extra flowers, but that is it.

Not all flowers dry the same. Different colors and different species of flowers can all look different. For example, there are many different types of white roses, but each species of roses may look different once dried.

Peonies can be very tricky to receive and dry because of their delicate nature but they are personally one of my favorites to dry. Their color always remains consistent once dried.

Rannucullis is also a favorite to dry because it holds its shape and color so well, you can never go wrong with rannucullis.

While we're on the topic of colors, red and deep purples will always turn darker once dried. No matter the species of flower. For example, a bright red rose fresh, will turn into a very dark almost purple color. Just like a burgundy peony will almost turn black. So please be prepared for that.

My favorite dark flower to preserve are peonies.

I cannot dry any succulents because of their moisture content, but I can add some fake succulents in the piece.

I do not recommend caperiscun, a popular filler flower, once dried there bright berries turn black.

Absolutely, of course the final outcome will look different. But I think dried pieces have a beautiful and unique look to them that will last for future generations to admire.

Occasionally I will have an open spot to preserve your bouquet asap but I do recommend you make a reservation to preserve in case I am already booked. The cost to reserve is $50 and will to towards your final cost

When we receive the bouquet it immediately goes into silica for several weeks. Right before your flowers are ready to be casted, I will send you a picture of a layout for your approval. Once we get approval of your custom layout for flowers we send you a final invoice to be paid. When that is paid we can begin the casting process.

We use the highest quality resin meant to last a lifetime. If you keep your piece in a safe place away from harsh enticements and direct sunlight your piece will last forever. I do not recommend any harsh cleaners but instead just water and a microfiber cloth for cleaning

After your order is completed we carefully package your piece. We know how excited you are to receive. We will ship via UPS and provide you a tracking number.

On custom made items such as bouquets we do not accept returns. If you have an issue with your piece please contact us immediately.

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